Modified Precipitated Barium Sulfate
Modified Precipitated Barium Sulfate

Modified Precipitated Barium Sulfate

Modified Precipitated Barium Sulfate   
                                              Molecular formula: BaSO
                                                                                H.S. Code: 2833270000
                                                                                  EINECS No.: 231-784-4 
CAS No.: 7727-43-7 
Our modified precipitated barium sulfate is in white powder, non-toxic, melting point 1350℃,cannot be soluble in water/alcohol/acid. The products with strong chemical inertness, good stablility, Alkali-resistance, moderate hardness( Mohs:3-3.5), high glossiness and whiteness, and can absort harmful rays.
The modified precipitated barium sulfate with several advantages which made by new method of precipitation is as follows:
a,Main content: BaSO4(as dry per) over 98%, high purity;
b,Partical size: narrow partical size, good dispersibility and liquidity. we can control the partical size in production(D50 at 0.3um min), the shape of crystalline forms of particle seems like ball. The end products with highly polished, better weather ability;
c,Enviromental protection: the traditional barium sulfate with odour(solium sulphide) smell which is harmful for body,but the modified products with odourless and very low heavy metal content, it is one good functional products which accord with enviromental protection.

BaSO4(as per dry) % 98
Water soluble substance % 0.10
Fe % 0.0015
Whiteness % 98.50
Oil absorption: g/100g 15-25
PH Value: (100g/L water suspention) 7.0-9.0
Fineness ( 45μm test Mesh residue) 0.08
Average Partical Size (μm) 0.5-0.7

1,used in powder coating, printing inks,oil paint;
2,used in engineer plastic , rubber products, storage battery, glass,cosmetic and friction materials industry, etc.

In plastic woven bags of 25kg net each, 40 bags per pallet, 20T per 20GP.
We can do packaging 500kg or 1000kg per bag if you demand.
Note: stored in a dry and clean storage.